Is Danny dire?

Prince Harry seems to be a decent chap and Meghan is a very hot fine actress; but these two aside I have little enthusiasm for the Royal Family.

Danny Baker also seems to be a decent chap. He’s funny, smart, inventive and a huge music buff. He’s also a football lover, a very readable journalist, a great broadcaster and an entertaining and eloquent raconteur. What I’m sure he’s not, is a racist.

We now live in an era of 24-hour information and super-connectedness. An era, hopefully, in which discrimination and racism are slowly being driven to the margins. With these two facts in mind, innocent or not, if you post a photo on the planet’s biggest social media platform portraying the new baby of the world’s best-loved mixed-race couple as a monkey…

It’s not like anybody would notice, Danny. You fucking idiot.

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