COVID-19 – The Indiscriminate Assassin

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

During one of my final (normal) appointment’s yesterday (Friday 20th March) I had the privilege to speak with an overworked intensive care doctor.

I won’t post what he told me about COVID-19 as we should all try and remain as positive (but vigilant) as possible. However, his words regarding the pathology of this virus were sobering at best.

I’ve struggled not to get involved in arguments with people whom I consider good friends as well as those who deserve a hard kick in the genitals. The one thing that unites them all though is the terrifying level of ignorance on display.

So, if you’re someone who thinks the situation we are in is being blown out of proportion, take yourself off into a crowded room full of other similar minded fuckwits and leave the rest of us to try and get through unscathed.

The best analogy for me is comparing the idiot deniers to those massive bellends who think they’re still amazing drivers after they’ve been drinking. This isn’t a problem if they drive around killing themselves, but it often happens that the dickheads take innocent people along with them on their final trips.

Please don’t be cunts, it’s hard enough trying to make ends meet let alone dying because of your pathetic and ridiculously misguided ignorance.

Stay safe everyone.

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