Don’t Let Enforced Downtime Become Enforced Down Time

I wish I had loads of hilarious shelf-stacking anecdotes after my first night shift at Morrison’s, but because everyone was so busy from the minute we started work at 10pm to the final whistle at 7am, nothing of note happened apart from lots of hard graft.

Nothing apart from on arrival that is. I waited patiently outside the wrong “entrance” for 15 minutes, constantly ringing a bell (that I now know doesn’t work) whilst all my new colleagues filed past and in through the front door…

If you’ve never worked nights, it’s surprising how differently your mind works; personally, I become rather introspective. During my “lunch” break in the early hours, I sat quietly in the staffroom alone with my thoughts; sadly, these thoughts were a million miles from writing about hilarious anecdotes.

If I’m honest, although I’m putting a brave face on things, I’m really frightened; frightened of the unknown as much as anything. Because of a virus that just a few weeks ago no one had heard of, life has changed beyond recognition for many of us in such a short space of time. And for now, none of us knows what the future holds.

The devastating effect that this tiny organism is having on humanity’s physical well-being is incredible. The psychological effects though aren’t so obvious, but for many will prove just as debilitating.

I’m acutely aware that because of job-losses (or overwork), financial worries, loneliness, the fear of getting ill and 101 other things, this unprecedented situation is hugely stressful for many of you (us). Whatever the reasons, don’t just sit there alone and worry, say something. Talk to someone. Anyone.

I suspect COVID-19 won’t affect too many of you, but I also suspect that mental health issues will become a huge and unwanted byproduct of it.

So, bearing in mind that I’ve been to some VERY dark places in my life and know a thing or two about anxiety and depression if you need to talk, feel free to contact me for a natter

I can’t guarantee I’ll make much sense (you’ll already know that from my continuous barrage of shite on various social media platforms) but sometimes just knowing someone’s here to listen is enough.

Stay safe everyone x

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