My Coronadiary 26/03/2020 – Acid Nights

I’ve just finished my last night shift with Morrison’s until Sunday. Despite my reservations, I loved it. Working as part of an extremely busy team with excellent people helped make the time fly by. 

Night shifts are, basically though, the work equivalent of dropping acid. To that end, I have some questions and observations:

Can anyone tell me what time or day it is please?

It appears I’ve been hibernating and it’s now summer.

The first meal of the day is always breakfast no matter what the time is, right? Is it acceptable to have a beer with breakfast? I guess as it’s the weekend it’ll be ok.

Liverpool must have won the league by now, surely?

Have U2 found what they were looking for?

What’s happened to my eyebrows and why do they suddenly look like they need their own passports?

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