My Coronadiary 16/04/2020 – A Special Report

Virologists are encouraging the public to contact them with any strange symptoms they are experiencing which COULD be associated with COVID19. So far, apart from the telltale cough and fever, it’s emerged that some people have encountered a lack of taste or smell and others have reported a feeling that their whole body is “fizzing”.

Yesterday, I finally plucked up the courage to ring someone from the World Health Organisation with an issue that’s been concerning me since the virus took off in the UK. You see, for my entire adult life I’ve always “dressed to the left”, but for the past month or so I’ve somehow switched sides. I’ve also been feeling a bit warmer than normal.

You ladies won’t appreciate this but it feels REALLY weird – like wearing your watch on the wrong arm but much worse. I’ve constantly got my hand down my trousers putting little Eggbox back on the right path.

Anyway, the lovely man at the WHO told me it’s definitely not a COVID19 symptom and it’s more likely that the elastic in my 20-year-old pants has started to go.

Phew! Can you imagine my relief!

If anyone has any spare duct tape they can let me have it would be most appreciated

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