About Me

Hi, I’m Ian Pople, and my blog, The Acoustic Egg Box, allows me to share my (largely music related) thoughts and discoveries that I hope you will find interesting, informative and entertaining.
I’ve been obsessed with recorded music since I was tall enough to reach the knobs on my parents’ Rigonda Bolshoi radiogram. Complete with its monolithic loudspeakers, this Russian made beast of a thing not only ignited my passion for recorded music but also a love for the equipment that reproduces it.
After several years enduring tedious office jobs, in 1989, after a chance encounter whilst on holiday in Lanzarote (it’s a long story involving drink, swimming pools, Germans and sun loungers) I somehow blagged my way into working for PolyGram Records as their South West & Wales area sales rep. Ten years later I joined Virgin Records and moved to London to work in radio promotions and regional and national sales roles until I moved back to Somerset in 2004. I cherish every day of those fifteen hugely enjoyable and entertaining years; the friends I gained and the memories I made are very precious. I really was like the proverbial child in a sweet shop.
Along with my adoration of music, I also love writing. Sadly, unlike the fortuitous encounter that led to my career working in the entertainment industry, my literary ambitions didn’t follow such a happy path. At fourteen, and blessed with a modicum of youthful but unrefined literary talent, I harboured a genuine dream of becoming an author or journalist. However, my “helpful” careers teacher decided that these flouncy aspirations weren’t right for a naïve teenager from a Somerset farming village and that I’d be better suited to a life “making rivets” or “mending things”. I wasn’t. My dreams died.
…some 40 years later and spurred on by an attitude that you’re never too old to do new things, I’m currently studying for a Copywriting Diploma. This means that later this year (2019), although I’m a Sales Manager in the food industry, during my spare time I’ll be able to hire myself out to anyone looking for a semi-literate copywriter!